Aerial Cinematography

Aaron Biittner – Aerial Footage

Footage that was impossible just a few years ago is now readily available in our most-capable hands.

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We follow our friend, and professional snowboarder, Aaron Biittner through snow covered pine trees. Footage that was impossible just a few years ago is now readily available in our most-capable hands. The Vita Brevis director pilots our eight-armed creation through the winter storm with practiced technique; steering clear of outreaching branches and correcting for each gust of snow. Flying at these temperatures comes with a number of challenges, more so than the wind and snow is the plummeting life of the batteries. We kept the van on full heat and ran back and forth to keep our batteries hot and our gear in the sky. Fully charged, we sent the copter up to a few hundred feet and spun some circles before pointing the R3D epic strait down to fly over Aaron hiking past an icy river. Our team has taken years to hone our Aerial skills through trial and error. In each “code red” we’ve learned how to become safer operators, and ultimately a more efficient team. All that preparation are for moments like this – for when break-taking scenes unravel in front of us.


Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_-3Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_-7


Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_-9

Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography 7Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography 18Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_-22Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography 4


Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_ 1


Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_-10

Aaron Biittner | Winter Aerial Cinematography_-6

  • Director Skylar Nielsen
  • Cinematographer Ian Rigby
  • Staring Aaron Biittner
  • Photographer Josh Fletcher
  • Author Marcus MacDonald
  • Web Producer Marcus MacDonald
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