Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Octocopter Winter Reel 2014

This Aerial Reel is a delicious taste of our work thus far, but we’re beaming at the infinite possibilities in the work to come.

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It’s the buzz in our industry, with the use of these remote control helicopters, film companies from around the world are capturing shots that were before impossible. Everyone’s talking about it. There has been an excited rush for filmmakers to get their hands on these useful devices and a universal strive to lead the field. It’s now the industry standard / the cool new toy / #thenerdbird

Two years ago we secured our aerial equipment and… bought our aviator goggles (couldn’t hurt, right?). Since then we’ve been sending our cameras to the sky, experimenting with the equipment and pushing our skills with this exciting new technology. We’ve customized our rig again and again, assuring to keep ahead of this rapidly evolving facet of the modern film industry. Our rig looks drastically different just a few months back, and if we do our job right, it will look drastically different in the coming months. The technology consistently changes; getting more efficient and effective, but one thing is for certain, we’ve learned how to run our baby.

Each time we hear of an opportunity to push our skills as aerial cinematographers and RC operators we pack up the attack vehicle, grab the extra blades and burn some rubber. We’ve traveled across the US shooting in diverse locations and conditions such as sending our Octocopter hundreds of feet in the air during a snow storm or letting it sail off oceanside cliffs. Summing it up, we’re nailing it every time…most the time. We’re taking our storytelling and cinematography skills to the next level with the use of this tool and the uniquely powerful images it can capture. This Aerial Reel is a delicious taste of our work thus far, but we’re beaming at the infinite possibilities in the work to come.

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