Random / 31st of May 2013
Fresh from NBC’s “The Voice”, Midas Whale and VBF create “Howling at the Moon” Music video

Midas Whale performs their debut track of “Howling at the Moon” live at the Randall Lake’s Guthrie Artist Coop in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is one of many songs that will be featured on Midas Whale’s debut album this fall. If you like what you hear, follow the links below to Kickstarter.com and be a part of their journey!

director skylar nielsen lounges with randall during howling with the moon music video shoot
Ian rigby cinematographer dop shooting midas whale howling at the moon
Red epic 5k on set midas whale vita brevis films howling at the moon Directed by skylar nielsen

Directed: Skylar Nielsen
DOP: Ian Rigby
Cinematography: Lance Clayton
Cinematography: Josh Fletcher

Special Thanks:
Dylan Schorer – Pedal Steel
Randall Lake @randalllakeart

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Midas Whale

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Random / 15th of May 2013
VBF X FICE Create Album Promo for Concise Kilgore’s “KOBAIN”

VitaBrevisFilms and Fice Gallery teamed up once again to create the album promo for Concise Kilgore’s debut full length album “Kobain”.
Check out Concise Kilgore’s album on iTunes now!

Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Exec. Produced by: VitaBrevisFilms, Fice Gallery, Corey Bullough
Cinematography: Ian Rigby
Produced by: Jay Tauzin

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Random / 9th of May 2013
debut music video for new city skyline

We love our friends at New City Skyline, and had the chance to shoot a music video for them a while back. This is their debut music video for the album called “On My Own”.
Check them out!

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Random / 25th of April 2013
2014 Chevy Silverado Launch Reel

Shot During the summer of 2012 at an undisclosed location, VitaBrevisFilms and Chevy created rolling stock for the launch of the 2014 Chevy Silverado truck line.
Produced by: Chevy & VitaBrevisFilms
Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Cinematography / DOP: Ian Rigby
Music: Dan Auerbach / Street Walkin’ / Nonesuch
Rolling Footage : Ultimate Arm
Shot on Red Epic
Thanks to Redman Movies and Stories

skylar nielsen director ian rigby dop cinematographer red epic fisher 11 dolly chevy silverado 2014

Ian Rigby director of photography shooting 2014 chevy silverado rolling stock on red epic

vita brevis films production still vitabrevisfilms chevy silverado 2014 red epic utah salt lake city production company
Skylar Nielsen director shooting 2014 chevy silverado rolling stock and photography
production still red epic mysterium-x paralinx arrow angenieux 24-290 r3d
Skylar Nielsen director shooting 2014 chevy silverado rolling stock and photography

Skylar checks a shot during production

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Random / 11th of April 2013
Nissan Nismo Project 370Z live now!

The NISMO project 370Z was born when VitaBrevisFilms decided to take their custom Nismo and see how quickly they could destroy it in the streets of downtown SLC. A few crashes, sets of tires, and a near head on collision with the Phantom Flex attached, Project 370Z is simply raw car devastation at its finest. Sorry to whoever ended up buying this car after we shot this…
Produced: VBF
Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Director of Photography: Ian Rigby
Stunt Driver: Juice aka Jeff Welch
High speed: Mark Weiler
Thanks to: Redman Movies & Stories / Otto Nemenz
Vita brevis films shot on red epic directed by skylar nielsen cinematographer ian rigby salt lake city utah production company
Vita brevis films shot on red epic directed by skylar nielsen cinematographer ian rigby salt lake city utah production company
vita brevis films vitabrevisfilms los angeles production company salt lake city utah production company shot on red epic director skylar nielsen. director of photography ian rigby

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Random / 12th of January 2013
Two new films released today!

It’s a BIG Friday at VBF! we are proud to release two new projects today! and both of which just so happen to involve Motorcycles….
The first is a project we had a chance to shoot this summer in Southern India. The shoot took place along the coast between Chennai and Pondicherry. An eye opening experience for all involved. Enjoy!

The second project took place in Milwaukee at the Harley-Davidson headquarters to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle company. We all breathed in a unhealthy amount of rubber smoke, and Lance was picking pieces of tire out of his eyes and hair for weeks. Check it out on Harley’s youtube page!

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Random / 16th of August 2012
New whirling airship takes first flights

vita brevis films cinestar octocopter
The new Octocopter is capable of carrying a Red Epic or similar, and can reach altitudes of more than 1,500 feet! The flying robot can actually fly itself with gyro stabilization, GPS tracking, and satellite systems. Check back soon for behind the scenes video of the whirling airship in action.

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Random / 15th of August 2012
Truck debauchery ensues in the wild wild west

Heres a glimpse of some content gathered during a shoot that took place in the wild west of Utah last summer.

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Random / 14th of August 2012

Check out this short HeliPorn vid we put together for Upper Limit Aviation.
You can find out more about becoming a helicopter pilot here:

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Random / 14th of August 2012
VitaBrevisFilms Quick Cuts second installment with pro surfer Reef Mcintosh

In this second installment of the VitaBrevisFilms QuickCuts series, Pro Surfer Reef Mcintosh fills us in on becoming a pro surfer, surfing pipeline, and his thoughts on aerial surfing.
This is not a surf film, its a film about surfing.
Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Cinematography: Ian Rigby
Additional Camera: Lance Clayton
Check out more at VitaBrevisFilms.com/blog
Music: Tv on the Radio / DLZ & Phantogram / When i’m small
Thanks to Reef Mcintosh & Eric Arakawa

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