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Cannondale Bicycles – Clean Slate

“It doesn’t feel the way that it looks, it does feel fast, it feels the way a Cannondale should” -Tim Johnson

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We started the 100 mile tour through the mountains of Utah at the request of Cannondale cycles, a 16 hour shoot that started off with a cold morning, peaked with a 100 degree afternoon, and ending with cold beer in a park.

The objective was to follow Pro Cyclist: Tim Johnson and Cannondale: Sr. Product Manager: David Davine 100 miles on Cannondale prototype bikes. Starting at 6am in downtown Park City, we headed through the main roads, side roads, farmland and canyons of Summit County. Ending with a lucidly fast downhill ride out of Weber Canyons winding road into Ogden City.

Cannondale - New Slate - Vita Brevis Films - Movi m10 - Tim Johnson - David Davine

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There was no time for stopping after departing from the hotel in Park City. We had two crews leap frogging along the route, ‘A’ crew was tracking with a movi/octocopter while the ‘B’ crew was set up in specific locations. The diversity in landscape was designed to challenge the Cannondale prototype, it’s not a race bike and it’s not a mountain bike, it’s meant for multi surface rides or in this case testing everything.

“When thinking about what road bikes have become, I thought people would want something thats a lot more capable, something thats not confined to race, or 200 mile rides… something that kinda made people feel youthful.” – David Davine

We reached the base of Snowbasin at the top of Trappers Loop and were faced with an abandoned road that eventually lead to a single track dirt trail. This is was all part of Tim Johnson plan, to take this bike into diverse terrain with no exceptions. The road was blocked, to continue our pursuit we brought a utility scooter to follow the cyclists the rest of the way through the mountains. Bringing a Movi M10 with a 24-70mm Canon lens our team continued the pursuit on their own. But only after resorting to jump start the scooter with one of our octocopter lipo batteries- who knew such a small battery could jumpstart a vehicle.

“I wanted to make a bike that refined the bike ride, not so much where you place yourself in a competition or ego, but just like where you go out and ride bikes” – David Davine

In an unorthodox comment Tim Johnson adds “There’s a lot of people that don’t care about racing, and I think that’s something that is easily forgotten.” Johnson being a pro cyclist proves a good point, we’re not enthusiast of the sport, but Cannondale has created a appealing bike. Since creation of this project, the prototype bike has been named “Slate” and will be available fall 2015.


Cannondale-New-Slate-Vita-Brevis-Films-Tim-Johnson-David-Davine-VC3A2704 Cannondale-New-Slate-Vita-Brevis-Films-Tim-Johnson-free-fly-system-David-Davine-VC3A2704

Cannondale-New-Slate-Vita-Brevis-Films-Tim-Johnson-David-Davine-VC3A3101 Cannondale-New-Slate-Vita-Brevis-Films-Tim-Johnson-David-Davine-VC3A3086 Cannondale-New-Slate-Vita-Brevis-Films-Tim-Johnson-David-Davine-VC3A3071 Cannondale-New-Slate-Vita-Brevis-Films-Movi-m10-Tim-Johnson-David-Davine-VC3A3101

  • Director Skylar Nielsen
  • Company Cannondale
  • Camera Operator Ian Rigby
  • Camera Operator Lance Clayton
  • Camera Operator Joshua Fletcher
  • Production Assistant Nelson Bruggemen
801.860.8522 | info@vitabrevisfilms.com


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