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“i Ride Park City” – Huck Fest

“The ‘I Ride Park City’ edits just keep getting better. Check out Tor Lundstrom, Ben Bilodeau, Aaron Biittner, Brendan Gerard, Harrison Gordon, Broc Waring, and Sage Kotsenburg sessioning the park, pipe, and big jumps at Park City last week.” – Transworld

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Park City – Utah. 6:00am.
It’s sunday morning, Park City mountain resort is empty, a group of pro snowboarders is slowly making their way up to our location, a 70’ jump at the base of Kings crown. These giants lay at rest in the background of Park City, waiting for some big names to ride them, or simply huck themselves.

The “I Ride Park City” series has been a joyous experience to watch grow. Having some of our elementary roots in snowboarding we couldn’t resists a call to session with some of the local professionals. Pat Fenelon, orchestrator of the video series has created a unique in house video department for Park City Resort. Equipped with their new Red Epic, their team is setting out to create quality park videos.

We had two Red Epics filming during the session, one located on the adjacent hill with a 300mm Canon Zoom. The second camera was located near the jump with a 17-50mm Red Pro Zoom, which captured Ben Bilodeau sending a backside 720 nose grab in 120fps. We wanted to test a lighter rig on the octocopter, so we attached a Canon 5D mkIII to see maneuverability, flying along Aaron Biittner as he threw a frontside 540 with all his persona.

In the last sequence of the episode Aaron Biittner follows Sage Kotsenburg with our homemade Gopro gyro capturing Sages Cab 270 revert, and ultimately breaking our gyro. Also broken, our good friend Tom Lee breaking the sabbath day by testing the waters and coming up short – the makings of a good intro.

Thank again: Tor Lundstrom, Ben Bilodeau, Aaron Biittner, Brendan Gerard, Broc Waring, and Sage Kotsenburg, IRPC crew.

See more great work from our buddy Pat here…



I_Ride_Park_City_Transworld 4

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I_Ride_Park_City_Transworld 5

I Ride Park City Transworld 9


  • Director Skylar Nielsen
  • Cinematography Josh Fletcher
  • Cinematography Ian Rigby
  • Author Josh Fletcher
  • Producer Nelson Bruggeman
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