Automobile Photography

Nissan Nismo 370Z – Underpass Bonanza

“Power, speed, and agility never looked so good.” – Said Everyone

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The NISSAN NISMO 370Z project was born when we decided to take our 370z Nismo and see what we could get away with on the streets of Salt Lake. We tried to embrace this last chance at fun before the departure of the Nismo and so we called in the motion control and strapped on the Phantom Flex to say goodbye to our old friend. One near head on collision with that same Phantom Flex, and a set of tires later, we had the footage we wanted. Project 370Z is simply raw car devastation at its finest. Therapy in the shape of sheet metal.

The filming took place over the course of two days in a mile radius from our studio. The motion control of the interior and around the car were shot at our neighbors Redman Movies and Stories. With a rigged 9ft arm, we were able to reach a Red Epic from the rear of the vehicle to the front. The light was supplied through six mole richardson 1k nine lights, which we directed into a 30×30 silk above the car. We wanted a cooler temperature of light to highlight across the vehicle so we emplaced kino flo image 80s to streak across the car.

On the last shot of the day, the nismo was coming around a blind corner when someone drove through our location barrier and nearly crushed the car, Phantom Flex, and the director who was driving the car. Its all about reflexes, and not only did everyone survive but we got some great footage.

Technical Specs:
Action Products Steadicam
RED Epic
Phantom FLEX
Red Pro Zoom 17-50mm
Canon EOS 5d MKIII

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-5

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-7

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-12

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-13

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-8

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-C

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-10

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-11

Nissan Nismo 370Z Professional Photography-14

  • Director Skylar Nielsen
  • Produced Vita Brevis Films
  • Stunt Driver Juice aka Jeff Welch
  • High Speed Mark Weiler
  • Thanks Redman Movies & Stories | Otto Nemenz
801.860.8522 | info@vitabrevisfilms.com


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