Aerial Cinematography

Skechers – Aerial Footage

Drones are a bumpy business, but every day systems become more stable and reliable.

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Our drone dept aka. “nerdbirdspecialist”, hit the streets of Los Angeles to capture aerial footage for Skecher’s latest campaign. The production had five different locations offering a variety of different terrains. We were required to capture a medium shot in each location, this was one of the first times that we weren’t just capturing a wide shot. This required a longer lens, a task we had not used for a commercial job yet. The problem with shooting medium shots-  is that most drone footage is typically shot with a wide lens (16 – 35mm range), the longer the focal length, the more the image will move if shaken. The other risk with medium shots is the talents distance to the blades of the drone. We settled on using a 50mm, and cropping into the 6k image in post. Drones are a bumpy business, but every day systems become more stable and reliable. We were using a Movi M10 and a Cinestar frame. One day, we hope to be able to run large zoom lenses with force zooms while flying and we won’t even remember that 10 pounds was too much weight for a drone.

Sketchers_Vita_Brevis_films_Aerial_Drone_Commercial_Production005 Sketchers_Vita_Brevis_films_Aerial_Drone_Commercial_Production004 Sketchers_Vita_Brevis_films_Aerial_Drone_Commercial_Production003 Sketchers_Vita_Brevis_films_Aerial_Drone_Commercial_Production002
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