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Vita Brevis Films Reel

“Life is brief, art last forever”

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At the root of it all, we are storytellers. We have traveled the world in search of obscure and unique stories, shedding light upon people, places and narratives that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The gift and challenge of creating these stories and images is not something we take lightly. We are grateful to do commercial work for clients and products that we ourselves believe in. There are always new ways to apply our methods to what we are passionate about, and whether the recipe is for an advertising production or documentary filmmaking, our unique approach delivers what each and every client is after; content that is truly jaw dropping.

We push our own boundaries day by day, shoot by shoot, and taking risks to deliver an  aesthetic that shows our ambition for perfection in each of our films. Our product is the result of team effort, and is persistently rooted in the world of our subjects and the way that we bring their stories across. We strive for that elusive place where what is real becomes magical through exposition. Our 2014 Demo reel is a testament to our undying love for the art of making films and telling stories. We hope you enjoy.

Film Segments from Vita Brevis Films:


The Prohibition Tour 2012

We Are 138 2012

Making RAEN 2014

Chennai to Pondicherry 2013

PROFESSIONal: Erik Arakawa 2012

Shunji Yokokawa: Salt Flats World Record 2013

  • Director Skylar Nielsen
  • Cinematographer Lance Clayton
  • Cinematographer Josh Fletcher
  • Cinematographer Michael Hall
  • Cinematographer Ian Rigby
  • Music Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese / Star Waves, Santigold / Disparate Youth
  • Web Producer Marcus MacDonald
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