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Beehive Distilling - Jack Rabbit Gin
Beehive Distillery has launched their first refreshingly-smooth spirit labeled Jack Rabbit Gin. Already itโ€™s seen success as Salt Lake restaurants and bars have raised their glasses to this new botanical-rich blend.

The three long-time compadres behind beehive, aka the respectable booze-hounds, developed their appreciation for fine spirits in their world travels as they indulged in their foodie tendencies. It was a conversation at home, gathered round (take a guess)โ€ฆ some favorited spirits, where praising the success of local distilling brands and the rise of the good-standing cocktail culture in SLC, that the idea broke lips โ€œWe should make boozeโ€.

Produced by: Vita Brevis Films

[ 04:35 ]