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World renowned biologist Nalini Nadkarni pioneered the use of mountain climbing equipment to assist her climbs of Costa Rican rain forest canopies in the early 1980’s. Years of research, countless ascends (on four different continents) came to an abrupt halt during a normal afternoon 50 feet above ground in the Olympic National Park. → More Info

Nalini eloquently describes her near death fall and offers some insight into a life altering, meaningful disturbance.

Production Blog: http://vitabrevisfilms.com/short-documentary-films/nalini-nadkarni/

Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Interview: Doug Fabrizio
Produced: Elaine Clark, Doug Fabrizio, Skylar Nielsen
Cinematography: Skylar Nielsen, Lance W Clayton
Editing: Jordan Utley
Grading: Jake Penrose
Sound: Marco Batzel
A Vita Brevis Films Production in association with Video West.

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[ 07:08 ]