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Making RAEN - Carlo and Dante Mondavi
Two brothers from winemaking lineage venture out on their own to break from the estate vineyard model and to show that young winemakers can still have a harvest. RAEN is the first creation from Carlo & Dante Mondavi.

The Mondavi legacy has spread outward from Napa Valley for more than a century. Carlo and Dante strive to explore and to find their own path in the creation of their own wine while testing the rules and boundaries of their childhood. These contrasting worlds and trials lead to their first 2013 RAEN creation. The brothers are showing that a world class Pinot Noir can be made by young winemakers from the unusual climate of the Sonoma Coast.

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Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Cinematography: Lance Clayton & Josh Fletcher
Music: Midas Whale, Apparat
Produced by: Vita Brevis Films

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