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Spiral Jetty
Robert Smithson began the Spiral Jetty in 1970, and would die just three years after its completion. His death would roughly coincide with a period of submersion, during which the jetty was covered by the water level of the great salt lake for decades at a time. → More Info

Forty-three years later the Spiral Jetty is exposed and visited daily – appreciated not just as a local monument but as earthwork for a new generation to contemplate. Learn more: http://www.robertsmithson.com/

Production Blog: http://vitabrevisfilms.com/behind-the-scenes/spiral-jetty/

Produced by www.VitaBrevisfilms.com & http://videowest.kuer.org

Director: Skylar Nielsen
Himself: Julian Sands
Producer: Elaine Clark
Cinematography: Joshua Fletcher & Lance Clayton
Original Music: http://giantframe.com // Jesse Quebbeman-Turley & Luke Williams
Colorist: Jake Penrose
Production Assistant: Stephen Lupsha
Production Company: Vita Brevis Films

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