Beehive Distillery has launched their first refreshingly-smooth spirit labeled Jack Rabbit Gin. Already it’s seen success as Salt Lake restaurants and bars have raised their glasses to this new botanical-rich blend. The three long-time compadres behind Beehive, aka “the respectable booze-hounds”, developed their appreciation for fine spirits in their world travels indulging in foodie tendencies. It was during conversation at home, gathered ’round—take a guess—some favorited spirits, praising the success of local distilling brands and the rise of the good-standing cocktail culture in SLC, that the idea broke their lips: “We should make booze.”

Our team at Vita Brevis found ourselves in the right place at the right time: one founder, Erik “O” Ostling, shares an office space with us. Both Erik and second member behind Beehive, Chris Barlow, work as professional photographers. The final teammate is Matt Aller, a Creative Director and the “adult” of the trio (though that term was used loosely). The bottle and labeling was handled by themselves, and clearly they understood that people tend to drink first with their eyes. From first sight to last sip, this product will leave any gin enthusiast swooning.