We started the 100 mile tour through the mountains of Utah at the request of Cannondale Bicycles. The 16 hour shoot started off with a cold morning,  peaked with a 100 degree afternoon, and ended with cold beer in a park.

The objective was to follow pro cyclist Tim Johnson and Cannondale Senior Product Manager David Davine one hundred miles on Cannondale prototype bikes. Starting at 6 am in downtown Park City, we headed through the main roads, side roads, farmland and canyons of Summit County. Ending with a lucidly fast downhill ride out of Weber Canyon’s winding road into Ogden.

There was no time for stopping after departing from the hotel in Park City. We had two crews leap frogging along the route, ‘A’ crew was tracking with a Movi/octocopter while the ‘B’ crew was set up in specific locations. The diversity in landscape was designed to challenge the Cannondale prototype. The bike’s not a race bike or a mountain bike, it’s meant for multi surface rides or, in this case, pushing the bike to its limits.