FALLEN TREE Nalini Nadkarni

Climbing trees is a blissful adventure most of us remember from our youth. Nalini Nadkarni made climbing and studying trees into her passion and life’s work—up until she fell 50 feet from a massive maple tree in Olympic National Park on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

We had the opportunity to collaborate withDoug Fabrizio and the team at RadioWest, for an interview with Nalini post-tree descent and full recovery. Consistent with Doug Fabrizio’s style, he was able to explore her near-death catastrophe and was able to delve deep into the root of the outcome with swift and exacting questions. Nalini nonetheless offers up eloquently expressed stories from the beginning of waking up on the forest floor to the recovery and long process of healing with patience. Her poetic ideals and statements are thoughts that we are sure everyone at some point in their life will think about like, “Wait! This isn’t how I am suppose to die! I want a big brass band!” Nalini explores the priorities in her life after the unwanted force that changed her life direction. She considers what she is going to do to after being forced to start over. The outcome is inspiring to hear and her story is amazing.