Gone South with Vita Brevis Films

Everyone has their way of finding sanity. When buried in tasks, or caught idle for too long, creative companies or individuals revert to their personal way of finding inspiration once again. We found ourselves buried in corporate work, work which we love, but can threaten to give us a permanent lazy eye. In times like this we come together for what we call “team building exercises”. These exercises can simply be stepping out of the office to pull weeds together or power wash our attack vehicle. On other occasions, team building exercises can entail an impromptu road trip to Southern Utah proposed by our team lead – aimed to test our equipment and clear our heads. This video is of the latter. We geared up for the weather forecast – dusty, with a chance of a dirty good time: Gone South.

The open road provides a pathway to the uncontrolled spirit, a state of being that is universally felt yet so challenging to capture through a medium, even for an experienced film studio. We brought both of our Red cameras to shoot the story of our traveling family, or, as it turned out, old farts drinking next to their Chinook campers. The team flew down paved roads, our helmets low as we sliced through the wind. Shots of the team cruising were captured in our pursuit van at high speeds, stabilized by our Movi. The off-road shots of our motorcycle bromance were captured with our octocopter, at times pushing its speedometer up to 40 mph. Our trip took us along remote train tracks directly into the path of desert sandstorms raging through Knolls, Utah. We reached as far as the daylight took us. We spent some time gettin’ stuck and crashing our bikes while filming clouds veiling the sinking sun. Our octocopter seemed to be running on an eternal battery: our battery-life indicator was uncharacteristically still flashing green after fifteen minutes of flight time. It was too late when we realized a catastrophic error: the warning light hadn’t reset. The damage from the crash would cost us a pretty penny when we got home, but we were able to clean the bird enough to get it back in the air and ready for our second day, heading in the opposite direction.