When we were first contacted by ESPN to do a piece on Keith Gabel, we honestly knew nothing about him. But, after doing a little research we found out that this was going to be an interesting story. It’s something one couldn’t write and if you could write it, it wouldn’t turn out the way it actually happened in real life.

First stop: Ogden, Utah to see Keith’s dad J. Keith. We meet him at his house at the mouth of Weber Canyon, snow-covered Wasatch Mountains are literally in his backyard. Brian Arnold from ESPN conducts the interview and as it unfolds it’s a little unbelievable. One keeps thinking, “and I thought I had it bad.” Trust us, it’s never as bad as what Keith went through. His dad reminds us of everyone’s dad: big; cool; smokes cigarettes; has two birds, two dogs, and a cat; coached football, and takes the kids skiing. Keith cries when thinking about his son’s problems and knows how to move on with life. Amen.