Making RAEN Carlo & Dante Mondavi

The creation of wine abides with time. The slow growth of a vine to maturity takes years and can test any individual’s capacity for patience. This very strength of perseverance and commitment carried Napa Valley vintners out of the prohibition and into a multi-billion dollar industry. At the helm of that industry was a family: the Mondavis. For generations the Mondavis have looked for fresh ideas to carry their wine into new eras. Their exploits have risen and fallen but above all else they have found success as innovators. Time again has led us to a new generation, one that must start from the roots and grow outward.

We first collaborated with Carlo Mondavi on our Prohibition Tour with Harley Davidson. A year later in the spring, he invited us to follow him through his family’s vineyard. During a sunset walk, he explained his theories on wine growing. We captured his beautiful philosophy with similarly stunning cameras: two Red Epics adorned with Red Cinema glass. Slowly, that conversation in the vineyard transformed into the creation of RAEN wine. Unbeknownst to us, we were capturing the first puzzle pieces of a new short documentary.