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We are 138
"You just need your surroundings and you can evolve"- Mark Ong aka SBTG, takes viewers through his creative process and roots growing up in the perceived restrictions of Singapore. Finding inspiration in the simplest of forms, SBTG creates the "138" shoe collaboration with FICE Boutique in Salt Lake City, Utah and explains how the Misfits inspiration guided the collaboration. → More Info

On the surface the film purposes to expose the cerebral world of SBTG and an emerging sub-culture in Singapore, but the film becomes deeply personal as SBTG reveals how his experiences have affected his work and current mindset.

The collaboration shoes are available at ficegallery.com

Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
Executive Producer: Corey Bullough
Produced by: FICE & Vita Brevis Films
Title design: Mike Hall

Music: Clint Mansell, Fever Ray, The Misfits, This will destroy you, John Murphy


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[ 07:23 ]